II International Congress of Neuroscience and Addictions

29 May 2010, Comments: 0

II International Congress of Neuroscience and Addictions. Neurobiology, neuroimaging and educational aspects in the addiction

Took place in Verona on 8 and 9 June 2010, the second conference dedicated to deepening the role of neuroscience in the field of addiction, titled “Neurobiology, neuroimaging and educational aspects of addictions.”
The Department of Drug Control Policy of the Presidency Council of Ministers has set up a series of international collaborations with leading research institutions for the promotion and realization of studies and applied research in specialized areas, which have as their area of operation and the reference base the discipline of neuroscience. Neuroscience, using sophisticated neuroimaging technologies, in fact are providing evidence of the effects from the consumption of drugs can change greatly the growth, maturation and the harmonious functioning of the brain, especially in a critical phase as that of adolescence.
This appointment set out to raise awareness on these issues, involving not only the professionals and operators in the field of drug addiction, but also addressing the key educational figures – parents, teachers, educators. The goal was to disseminate new information, research and visions in this field, introducing innovative elements in a social and health system that often is found in conditions of lagging behind the rapid evolution of the drugs and drug addiction phenomenon.

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