How to help someone who is having a panick attack

28 November 2015, Comments: 0

Attend a panic attack can be a terrifying experience for the viewer and leave an unpleasant feeling of helplessness. But there are several things you can do to help each other.

1. E ‘enough to be there
The person experiencing a panic attack is frightened and may be afraid to be alone. Having someone close at that time the situation make you feel a bit ‘less out of control and the attack will be shorter.

2. To state control
Speak in a calm and explained in a simple way what is happening and what is being done to help him. Almost no matter what is said, the important thing is to say with some authority that everything is under control.

3. Do not panic
It ‘possible that a panic attack an active sort of panic. Ask other people to move away and give space to those who are having a crisis. Do not make assumptions or be dismissive. Say it’s a silly reason in some cases can worsen panic.

4. Move away from the cause
It may be irrational and can not understand why a stimulus that has generated panic, but what is important is to put some distance between the person and the stimulus so that it is possible to reassure the person.

5. Focus on breathing
It can really help you to pass a panic attack if the person is able to regain control of breathing. Sorreggi the person by the shoulders and talk to her face to face, or keep it on hand while you talk.

6. Allow time and space needed
Once the signs of panic have passed, it should be given space and time to recover to the person before it can resume its activities.

7. Do not be afraid to talk about it
If you know the person, do not be afraid to speak of what happened, maybe a few hours later or the next day. It will make the person feel understood and helped.
(From Dr. Pooky Knightsmith, the Institute of Psychiatry in London –

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