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Psychological counseling online has been clinically validated and provides better results than traditional methods with higher levels of success in treating. These results are achieved with 50% fewer seats compared to traditional therapies because:Main psychological treated:

1. its anonymity allows people to get faster to the heart of the problem;

2. You are more at ease to speak or write about themselves while sitting in their family environment;

3. The interactive presence but the therapist removes the pressure of conversationsface to face;

4. The ability to type the words encourages a response or question embarrassing ordifficult to say;

5. Is granted total privacy and discretion – there are no waiting rooms or other persons present;

6. All this guarantees a therapeutic relationship between therapist and patient, thena faster healing.

Main psychological treated:

– anxiety and panic attacks

– mourning

– Depression

– disruption of child and family

– food issues

– anger management

– pain management


– phobias

– post traumatic stress disorder

– difficulty in social relationships

– sexual difficulties

– sleep disorders

– stress management

– substance abuse

– terminal illnesses