Effectiveness of psychotherapy

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The consulting on-line has been clinically validated and provides excellent results with high levels of success in treating many psychological disorders. These results are achieved faster than traditional therapies because:
1. it is discret and the patient may get faster to the heart of the problem;
2. it permits to speak about themselves while you are at home or in a family environment;
3. it is interactive and you may see and speak with the therapist as in a real face-to-face conversation;
4. The virtual distance encourages to give a response or do a question embarrassing or difficult to say;
5. It is garanted a total privacy and discretion – there are no waiting rooms or other persons present;
6. All this guarantees a therapeutic relationship of trust between therapist and patient, thus a faster healing.

Main psychological treated:
- Anxiety and panic attacks
- Depression
- Family and couples problems
- Eating disorders
- Anger management
- Pain management
- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
- Phobias
- Post traumatic stress disorder
- Difficulties in social relationships
- Sexual difficulties
- Sleep disorders
- Stress management
- Substance abuse