Accept the terms of service

Informed consent and PRIVACY


the provision that there is going to do is in psychological counseling online and isaimed at assessment and psychological care;
to this end, in accordance with the provisions of art. 1 of law No. 56/1989, cognitivetools and intervention may be used for prevention, diagnosis, habilitation-rehabilitation and psychological support. In any case, the main instruments of intervention will be the clinical interview and, where necessary, the use ofpsychodiagnostic instruments test;
the patient declares under its responsibility that he is of age and also States that the identification data and contact details supplied to the therapist for consulting requestcorrespond to truth.
Patient data are collected and processed with the sole purpose of providing the requested information. “Personal informationpursuant to Legislative Decree196/2003 (privacy code) will not be disclosed, and will be kept for the time necessaryto treatment.
The provision of data is absolutely optional, likewise is optional on the patient’sconsent to the processing of personal data. Failure to provide the contact information and the lack of consent to treatment will not make it possible to provide the requested information and advice.
• performance will be made at the use of videoTerminal (online counseling);
• the duration of the surgery is about 4560 minutes. While not defined a priori thelength of the intervention, it is conceivable that it will consist of sessions heldpreferably weekly or biweekly;
at any time the patient may interrupt performance. In that case, he agrees todisclose to the practitioner the will of interruption of professional relationship andmakes itself available as of now to make a final meeting aimed at synthesis of work performed;
the psychologist must respect the code of ethics for Psychologists in Italy which,among other things, imposes the obligation of professional secrecy, only valid patient consent and demonstrable need not apply or in exceptional cases prescribed by law.


After receiving the above information and have been aware of the details of the insurance policy taken out by the trader, I declare that I have properly understood the terms of the intervention as above synthesized and accepting the procedure agreed with Psychoscience.
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